Hill Climb Racing Tips and Tricks

When you first play the game, you're stuck to the Jeep on the Countryside phase. It can easily seem like you'll need to fork out for an in-app purchase to purchase coins. However, a little willpower will certainly pay off. (We advise making a minimum of one coin purchase to support the developer and - notably - make the game ad-free, though.).

When you've gathered enough coins, unlock the Moon level for 175,000. Don't be lured to purchase the stages in the order they appear in the video game - you can unlock any phase you like as long as you can afford it.

Moon has low gravity, meanings great deals of broadcast. The longer you invest with your wheels off the ground, the more coins you'll be rewarded, with normally 5,000-10,000 coins for each jump. You can easily earn 100,000 coins per try. Plus, if you do backflips while in the air, each 360 earns you an extra 1,000 coins.

To speed things up when you crash or run out of fuel, struck pause (leading right) then Restart. You'll keep the coins you've gathered, and you won't need to await the level summary to be shown.


Each phase has marker points and the very first time you reach these, you get a 'level incentive'. This gets bigger the additionally you get, with thousands of coins on offer, so it pays to obtain as far in each phase as you can.

Leading Tip

The big money can be found after 2,000 m in most levels. If you're burnt out of the Moon stage (which is tough to obtain additionally than around 1,000 m because of the high hillsides and hard-to-find fuel cans) then attempt Highway. With the ideal automobile (see below) you can get to 3,000 or 4,000 m without too much trouble and make hundreds of countless coins each time you get that far.